Understanding The Work Of Vancouver Chiropractor

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For fixing all the issues that we have with our spine, manipulation of this body part has been going on for a while, how early you ask? Well Vancouver chiropractor┬ámethods have been dated back to 14th century, today’s versions were developed by Daniel D. Palmer who modernized chiropractic methods. Mr. Palmer’s very first patient was one from his own staff who once suffered neck injury which had left him deaf. According to Mr. Palmer when he clicked certain joints back to their place, the worker could hear everything which was gone 17 years ago. Unfortunately at that time Mr. Palmer didn’t had the license to practice medicine hence he was sent to jail and now it was for his son to take over and that was the time when chiropractic care became popular.

Vancouver Chiropractor

How does chiropractic works

The approach taken by a Vancouver chiropractor is simple as he views the body as whole when a patient requires attention, if any part of the body isn’t functioning properly than it is like a machine that will no longer be working properly due to injury and may cause the body to no longer run smoothly and might cause further troubles.

A Vancouver chiropractor believes that factors like accident, stress, sports injury all contribute to the body not working at optimum level, it’s fair to say that these many health issues can be related to spinal problems.


Generally when you visit a Vancouver chiropractor, you will be assessed on your mobility, overall posture, joint movement and also the lifestyle you follow. The Vancouver chiropractor carries out certain tests to check the mobility of each joint, one such test is called Yeomans which involves the Vancouver chiropractor getting the patients legs to flex for a while allowing him to calculate mobility and possible sprains. The tests may also include the patient to bend over and test his reflexes raise their legs and test the blood pressure, X-rays also provide a detailed overview of any issue with the body.

When you talk about spine, Vancouver chiropractor will find the area that is not functioning properly as this can be a cause of swelling and inflammation and might result in severe pain and can be quite discomforting for the patient.

Vancouver chiropractor can apply massage which helps to loosen up the stiff muscle before they go forward to use manipulation techniques, some other methods used by a Vancouver chiropractor are called adjustments. Things have begun to change and in today’s world of chiropractic care gentle movements are used rather than the forceful approach.

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